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Big Surprise on Dairy Supreme Show 2015


We are so proud!

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Dairy Supreme Show 2015



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Groupe Giasop

GIASOP Trade, Agriculture and Livestock, is a South Africa company located in Angola with headquarters in Luanda. Its Social Objective is to conduct cattle breeding as well as trade and industrial activities.

Our mission is to create, produce and transform agro-food products in the agricultural field. GIASOP focuses on fruit production for domestic consumption purposes as well as for fruit juice productions since GIASOP possesses a juice factory named Amboim Natural, situated at Porto Amboim district.






The factory has an installed capacity to process 5 tons of fruits per hour and 2 filling facilities with a capacity of 24 thousand litters per day.Currently, Amboim Natural has 5 flavours which are: Mango, Guava, Pineapple, Granadilla and Orange, with the prospect of adding other flavours in the near future.






GIASOP has been engaged in livestock breeding since 1997, having imported at this stage Brahman and Simmental breed from South Africa in order to improve the food supply of the populations in terms of animal protein.

GIASOP intends to establish a slaughter and filling facilities in the near future at the district of Porto Amboim. We also intend to produce maize in large quantities, covering 3 thousand hectares at the GIASOP Sanga Farm in Waco Kungo for production of animal feed and mills with a capacity of 240 tons of maize meal. At the same time, GIASOP intends to install wheat mills with the capacity of 1,500 tons per day at the district of Porto Amboim. Our objective is to transform, trocess and eventually commercialize all products.

GIASOP also intends to produce and motivate farmers to produce tomatoes for the production of tomato paste at the same factory.

GIASOP is also implementing and mounting a project for a milk factory and dietary products with an installed capacity of 30 thousand litters of milk per day.