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Big Surprise on Dairy Supreme Show 2015


We are so proud!

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Dairy Supreme Show 2015



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  • and gestationProjects Conceptualization and Planning: and gestation

  1. Needs assessment and targets identification;
  2. Preparation of budgets and schedules;
  3. Choice of equipment and buildings;


  • Operations :
  1. Target validation;
  2. Construction, acquisition of equipment and operation of infrastructure;
  3. Agricultural land (crop plan, amendment and soil conservation, selection of the best feed for animals, ...);
  4. Export of bovine semen and embryos;

  • Food Program:
  1. Milk recording and production management;
  2. Dietary recommendations specific for each physiological stage of the cow (birth, growth, mating, calving and dry period);
  3. Food preservation.


  • Genetic program:
  1. Evaluation and recommendation of stock selection of sires;
  2. Breeding heifers and gestation programming ; 
  3. Farm nursery managers;
  4. Genetic improvement tools transfer.

  • Farm Health Program Management :
  1. Herd health (care and prevention against diseases and pests);
  2. Caring for cows before and after calving;
  3. Food safety and food storage management (milking parlor).


  • Training program and internship :
  1. Milk production;
  2. Dairy genetics;
  3. Forage;
  4. Farm management.
  5. Export of technologies and equipment.


Housing and equipment for dairy cattle

  • To renew the herd, we must accommodate twice as many animals, so we will need several barns.
  1. Calf barns;
  2. Milking Parlor;
  3. Maternity wards;
  4. Dry cow barns;
  5. Storing facilities for feed and for manure.


  • The stables include free-stall resting and feeding areas; containment and treatment are separated. It should also include exercise yards.

  • We use computerized trading systems for facility management and productivity.


  • The rotary milking system should be used on farms with more than 300 dairy cows.



Turn-key projects, consulting services and customized support


  • You want to start a farm or grow forages;
  • Productivity of your herd is a concern;
  • You want to acquire modern business practices; 
  • You wish to improve the overall quality of your herd;
  • You want to become the hub of Belfontaine stock.

 Belfontaine is the best partner for you.