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Big Surprise on Dairy Supreme Show 2015


We are so proud!

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Dairy Supreme Show 2015



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For more than 50 years, Belfontaine has worked with passion to develop a high genetic cows.

The story began when Normand Fontaine purchase five dairy cows. Normand quickly got hooked on high genetic competition. He then devoted himself to developing his expertise. 

A few years later, all this work was worth several prestigious awards, notably Silver & Bronze medal in the «Ordre du mérite agricole» contest and also many All-Canadian nominations.

Normand also had the chance to judge many high caliber Holstein shows. On several occasions, he traveled the world to show his love for the high genetic breeding. In turn, he was able to pass all this passion on to his son Patrice Fontaine.

    3 generations of Fontaine Family 
Normand, Patrice & Marc-Andre

Together they worked to raise the best animals to compare with the best breeders.

In 1984, Patrice Fontaine and his wife Maryse Nault bought Normand's shares in the farm. Together they brought the herd to the higher genetic level and the quality of elite breeder.

Since that time, Belfontaine has won prestigious awards including the Premier Breeder title at the Royal Winter Fair in 2001, 2003, 2005 & 2006.

Belfontaine has won more than 150 banner over the years. Even today, the Fontaine family continue to work together to improve their herd.

In 2011, the farm began to work on a new project - to develop farms abroad. This new project is a chance for the Belfontaine team to show International people the passion that inhabit them.

In recent year, the Belfontaine team has traveled around the world to spread their knowledge. They invests in agriculture in many emerging countries to promote the dairy breeding. Today Belfontaine has, with partners, many dairy farms in Angola, Algeria & Morocco.

Belfontaine has a new International branch called Group Belfontaine that invests in the design and planning of a livestock project.It exports all technology and know-how Belfontaine has acquired over the years. It also provides the equipments for this kind of project. Any project undertaken by Belfontaine Group is turn-key, and the group offers consulting services as well as custom advisor. They are also committed to finding new partners in different countries to promote agriculture.

Belfontaine Group manages a farm in Angola with the Group Giasop, another one in Algeria called Belfontaine Algeria and recently one in Morocco called Canroc.

In the coming years, Belfontaine wishes to increase their expertise internationally while staying active in high livestock genetics. The quote them, «For us, to combine these two facets of the industry can only motivate us to benefit other projects of this magnitude».